Estimated Rewards

Your estimated rewards in the Aevo trading rewards UI might be different from the actual rewards that you get when the epoch is finalised. This is the formula we use to make estimates on your current epoch rewards: AEVO Earned = (Boosted Volume * Epoch AEVO Emissions ) / Total Epoch Boosted Volume We use the current epoch’s average daily boosted volume, and extrapolate it to a week to calculate this epoch’s total boosted volume. *1 Epoch is 7 days


  • We’re in day 3 of Epoch 2

  • Epoch 2’s AEVO emissions = 1.1M

  • Assume we have a total of 900M boosted volume in the past 3 days for Epoch 2

  • Our estimate for total epoch boosted volume will be: ($900M / 3) * 7 = $2.1B

  • Jane’s total boosted volume in Epoch 2 = $20M

  • Jane's estimated AEVO Rewards = (20,000,000 x 1,100,000) / 2,100,000,000 = ~10,476 $AEVO

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