Perpetual Futures Funding Rate

Funding rates are periodic payments that are transacted between the long or short traders peer-to-peer. Aevo exchange does not charge a fee on the funding.

The funding payments are made every 1 hour.

Funding Rate Calculation

The funding rate for every funding period can be calculated as below:

FundingRateForPeriod = (MarkPriceTWAP - IndexPriceTWAP) / IndexPriceTWAP / FundingIntervalHours

The default setting for FundingIntervalHours is 8 hours, which closely aligns with the approach adopted by centralized perpetual exchanges.

However, for the specific instruments listed below, the current value is set to 4 hours: HIFI-PERP, NMR-PERP, TRB-PERP, BLZ-PERP.In situations of extreme market volatility, Aevo retains the authority to modify the funding interval of a perpetual contract, deviating from the standard 8-hour interval.

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