Aevo Revenues

The DAO and Apogee are successful only if Aevo is successful. They both pursue the common goal of supporting Aevo's growth financially, as it is equivalent to supporting their own growth.

Firstly, with the merger of Ribbon and Aevo, all revenues from both platforms should be consolidated. Currently, the Ribbon DOV revenues flow to the Ribbon DAO, whereas the Aevo revenues flow to the Aevo Insurance Fund. Going forward, fees from both the Exchange and Vaults will flow into a new wallet governed by the Treasury and Revenues Management Committee.

Secondly, Apogee has been historically funded through VC raises and has not drawn down cash from the DAO. However, to build a self-sustaining ecosystem that does not rely on constant token sales, Apogee now requests a budget from the DAO to fund the expenses of maintaining, developing, and operating Aevo.

The multisig will divide the amounts received monthly as follows:

  • 25% of the top-line revenue immediately goes to Aevo's Insurance Fund, with the purpose of increasing its size (and thus supporting the growth of the exchange);

  • Remaining revenue goes to paying for Operating Expenses of Apogee.

  • Once that is covered, Surplus Revenue will be used to increase protocol owned liquidity of $AEVO-USDC, so as to increase protocol liquidity and stability.

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