AGP - Aevo Governance Proposals


They can be created directly by Apogee or at the initiative of DAO members; in the latter case, at least 1,000,000 sAEVO are required to open an AGP; please note: owning $AEVO does not entitle you to AGP proposal formulation.


Proposals must be discussed for at least 1 calendar week. Discussion takes place in a special topic channel on the official Aevo Discord server. Corrections and changes to the original proposal may emerge from the discussion, which are acceptable or not at the discretion of the proponents.


Proposals are subject to voting via Snapshot for up to one calendar week. $AEVO and sAEVO holders are eligible to vote; sAEVO has 2x the voting power of $AEVO.


Ballots to be valid are submitted with a default quorum of 2,500,000 $AEVO or 1,250,000 sAEVO.

Winning Criteria

Voting may be proposed by relative majority (plurality) or simple majority.

Proposal Attempts

Any community member who has at least the Aevonaut role on Discord can freely post proposal attempts using the Governance channels on the official Discord server. In this way, involvement and appreciation of the proposal can be assessed before proceeding with an official proposal, as well as seeking sponsors to reach the minimum number of sAEVO required for an AGP.

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