Committees are established to simplify and speed up Aevo's Governance processes, meeting two different objectives:

  • simplify administrative processes characterized by high iterations;

  • speed up strategic and time-sensitive interventions.

Powers and Management

Committees have administrative powers over Treasury flows and Protocol Revenues, within the limits of the powers specified in the following sections and are established on a permanent basis. They are governed by special AGPs convened by Apogee on an annual basis to determine expenditure budgets (where required), which are also annual, to appoint members and to possibly modify the goals and areas of action of individual committees.


Committees are composed of two types of appointees:

  • Staff employed by Apogee, chosen by Apogee itself;

  • DAO members, chosen by the DAO in the annual vote.

Memberships for DAO members have the following characteristics:


Only sAEVO holders with a minimum amount of 1,000,000 tokens, RHAT holders (community OGs, the Ribbonati), and community members with the Aevolutionaire role are eligible for committee membership; in case of a tie, seniority on the Discord server is a preferential element;


The same community member cannot be elected to more than one committee;


They last for one year (12 months) and are eligible for re-election without limitations;

Termination and Replacement

After 3 failures to participate in voting and/or signing Multisig transactions, membership will be automatically terminated and the office will pass to the first elected reserve. If there are no reserves, an AGP will be called by Apogee for new appointments. Lapsed members may reapply from the following year.

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