Operating Expenses

Apogee so far has received no revenues from products developed and managed for Aevo. The private funds through which Apogee has operated to date come from seed and private rounds.

AGP-1 aims to change this arrangement by introducing a sustainable system for the development of Aevo, whereby operating costs are covered from the revenues of Aevo's products. Besides covering operating costs, the funds will be used to support the future development of Aevo and all related products.

The breakdown of Apogee’s expenditure is outlined below, with the major components being:

  • Salaries

  • Audits & Technical Consultation

  • On-chain Expenses (e.g cost of running the Aevo Chain & subsidizing gas)

  • Legal

  • and more

To ensure the support of the above-mentioned expenses, Apogee requests an annual budget consisting of:

  • USD 5 million in cash

  • 2% of FDV a year in token as compensation

This remunerative system was conceived similarly to what is in place on primary DeFi protocols such as Lido, Maker, Maple, and Sushi. The figures indicated may be subject to change at a later date by means of an appropriate Governance proposal.

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