Trading Rewards

Trading Rewards ended on July 3 2024

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Every perpetual future or options trade on Aevo has an adjusted boosted volume. Your total boosted volume across trades will be used to calculate your pro-rata share of the $AEVO emissions, rather than actual volume generated on the platform:

Boosted Volume = Trade Order Value * (Base Farm Boost + Lucky Farm Boost) AEVO Earned = Boosted Volume * Epoch AEVO Emissions / Total Epoch Boosted Volume

Base Volume Boost

On every trade, no matter what, a user will earn a 1x — 4x volume boost which is calculated based on your previous 7-day trading volume (the base boost is capped at 4x past $5M volume.). The more you trade, the quicker your base boost accelerates for future trades. Conversely, your base volume boost will decay if you stop trading as it's based on a trailing 7 day window.

Lucky Volume Boost

At any given point one of your trades may hit a lucky volume boost from 5x-25x with the following rarities:

Non-sAEVO holders

5x Volume Boost: ~10% chance

10x Volume Boost: ~2.5% chance

25x Volume Boost: ~1% chance

sAEVO holders

sAEVO holders from Gold tier upwards have increased chances of hitting lucky boosts.

You can pull a higher volume boost the more you trade. More trades → higher chance of getting a 25x volume boost stacked on top of your base boost. On any given trade, there is a ~13.5% chance of hitting a rare volume boost from 5x — 25x.


  • There is a 1 hour cooldown period, meaning that you have to wait at least 1 hour after hitting a rare volume boost before you can pull another one.

  • An additional bonus component is added to referrals.

  • "Wash trading" will be strictly monitored and will not be eligible to earn rewards. By "wash trades" we mean all forms of use of the platform designed to achieve inflated volumes through trades that are blatantly unrelated to profit logic, such as by way of example only and not limited to: trading 0DTE deep OTM options, opening and closing positions in a very short time frame, trading between wallets attributable to the same user. Users might still see their rewards in real-time and after each epoch, as we perform trading analysis retroactively. However, wash trading penalties can be enforced at every moment and without notice.

  • The Growth and Marketing Committee has full power to extend and make changes to the campaign.


Does the volume boost increase my actual position size of the trade as well?

No, it does not increase your position size. The volume boost is ONLY used to calculate your boosted volume for $AEVO rewards.

How do I know whether I got the lucky volume boost on a trade?

Immediately after your trade, if you got a lucky volume boost (5x, 10x, or 25x) you will receive a toast/notification. You can also see the volume boost (base + luck) applied to every trade by clicking on details in every trade row

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