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Aevo OTC is the first platform that allows users to trade altcoin options on-chain, in size, with institutional grade liquidity providers. Aevo OTC uses an RFQ system with an on-chain dynamic margin system.
To start, users will be able to trade across weekly, biweekly and monthly maturities, on 13 different coins. The list of coins will be rotating every month depending on the most popular coins in the market.
The current altcoin volatility market has long been characterized by fragmentation and opacity. Users looking to purchase altcoin options needed to onboard with multiple market makers and OTC trading desks. In addition to the tedious onboarding processes, for the few users who managed to onboard, they had to message each market maker to request a trade. After this, compare each price and conform to trading with margin rules largely in favour of the OTC desks. Lastly, margin rules were not transparent at all and handled over legacy systems like chat or emails.
Aevo OTC allows users to have the same user experience, but execute on-chain against institutional grade market makers.