Earning $AEVO

We are revamping the trading incentives, stay tuned for news!

Following the first airdrop of $AEVO at TGE (03/13/24), we kick off a major incentive campaign: traders and AEVO/RBN holders will have a chance to get more $AEVO for 4 months, starting right from the airdrop date.

In order to earn $AEVO you can:


  • $AEVO rewards will be claimable from April 12, 2024 onward.

  • An additional bonus component is added to referrals.

  • "Wash trading" will be strictly monitored and will not be eligible to earn rewards. By "wash trades" we mean all forms of use of the platform designed to achieve inflated volumes through trades that are blatantly unrelated to profit logic, such as by way of example only and not limited to: trading 0DTE deep OTM options, opening and closing positions in a very short time frame, trading between wallets attributable to the same user. Users might still see their rewards in real-time and after each epoch, as we perform trading analysis retroactively. However, wash trading penalties can be enforced at every moment and without notice.

  • The Growth and Marketing Committee has full power to extend and make changes to the campaign.

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