Stake $AEVO or $RBN

In addition to the functions described in the appropriate Governance section, under this Campaign sAEVO will have the following perks:

  • earn $AEVO

  • 2x chance of pulling a rare volume boost on trades (see Trade on Aevo)

Stakers are locked for 2 months (9 weeks). After 2 months (9 weeks) elapse, they must unstake and stake again their $AEVO if they want to continue earning rewards.

Users earn a pro-rata share of each staking epoch’s $AEVO emission amount based on a user's $sAEVO balance.

r=R×snsn,n=1, = R \times \frac{s}{\sum_{n} s_n}, \quad n = 1, 2...k




Reward for a specific $RBN/$AEVO staker in a given epoch


Total reward to be split between all stakers in the pool for the epoch.


Individual stake amount in epoch

nsn\sum_{n} s_n

Total staked amount


Total number of stakers in this epoch.

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